Furniture of the year (“POHIŠTVENI IZDELEK 2010, fair Ambient 2010)

The Ambra programme foretells the trend of ecological and clever shopping for products with permanent value and the end of modern »instant« furniture with short-time value.

The combination of eternal, apparently traditional shapes made during modern technological processing of valuable wood creates a surplus in massive furniture production. The richly shaped front panels with dominant tendril reliefs taken form Gustav Klimt`s tree of life express calm elegance and playful dynamics at the same time. As if alive the tendrils spread over the edges to the sides of the furniture. Modern dwelling rooms furnished with traditional furniture that captures elements from the past represent an interesting and revolutionary mental shift.

In the Ambra massive furniture we merged tradition and modern design: knowledge of the best joiners of the old stamp including a lot of manual labour and up-to-date technology for wood processing and modern design.

Ambra is a special piece of furniture that blends perfectly into every home. It can serve as a bar for expensive cognacs and whiskeys or as a cabinet for small, but important female accessories – make up, jewellery, silk and perfumes.

Interesting details: Ambergris, the main component of the Ambra line was formerly used as a fragrance stabilizer in perfume shops. Normally it is a solid substance produced in the digestive organs of sperm whales and has a unique, peculiar and sweetish scent.