The acknowledged British furniture designer Matthew Hilton who saw the T-Trio furniture at the designers fair 100% DESIGN in London in 2009 was impressed by its lightness and perfect design and personally congratulated us on the success.

The T-Trio modular line is one of the rare lines designed by Studio Bolčič that combines domestic European wood with exotic tree species. The dark wenge wood ribbons divide the doors and drawers made of massive walnut wood asymmetrically, but in a golden ratio. This line was named T-Trio, because the divisions created by the dark wenge wood ribbons form the shape of the letter T. The black steel socle raises the furniture high above the ground and gives the impression that the elements are floating in the air.

The T-Trio line consists of a table, chairs, chest of drawers, a cupboard and shelves for books or CDs. The entire collection can be used to furnish a living room or office.

Design: Tea in Edo Vidovič