With all our heart and soul

The manager Mitja Bolčič is the representative of the third generation of the Bolčič family that originates from Klanec pri Kozini. Mr. Bolčič carries on the tradition of his ancestors with all his heart and soul. He says Bolčič is located at the only place on Earth where the water flows into the slope. Location

You can contact us via e-mail info@bolcic.com or call us at +386 (0)5 680 01 20 or mobile phone: +386 41 292 144. (CALLS)

Wood is the most beautiful and easy to process natural element; with right knowledge it can be turned into fascinating wooden products. Call us and we will turn your ideas into reality. Mobile: +386 (0)41 292 144.

Be different, be original! At Pohištvo Bolčič we constantly offer new, original shapes of massive furniture. Call us at +386 (0)41 292 144 or send us an e-mail to info@bolcic.com.

Stop being average – choose your piece of massive furniture and let our awarded products bring harmony into your home. Phone: +386 (0)41 292 144.

Bolčič believes that every European house should be furnished with furniture made of autochthon tree species. If you need help at choosing the right wood for your massive furniture, do not hesitate to call us. We will explain the differences between different wood species (beech, spruce, cherry-tree, oak, walnut-tree, maple, ash tree etc.) and help you choose the right one. Mobile: +386 (0)41 292 144

A well designed product is attractive, functional, ergonomic, permanent, practical, useful and comfortable, just like Bolčič`s furniture. Send an e- mail to indo@bolcic.com or visit our show-room in Klanec pri Kozini and see for yourself.

Massive furniture with modern design and archaic elements brings familiarity into your everyday life and raises the culture of dwelling to a higher level. Massive furniture will make your home more beautiful. Send us an e-mail to info@bolcic.com or call us at +386 (0)41 292 144 and we will arrange a visit or consultation at your home.