Massive furniture is pure luxury

As they age, the pieces of Bolčič’s massive furniture are becoming more and more valuable. Massive furniture is usually bought by people who are aware of its value and durability. This furniture will not lose its value after a few seasons; it will serve you for generations.

Bolčič’s furniture is special, just like its users. 

The owners of Pohištvo Bolčič, who came from the seaside region of Slovenia work with wood for 80 years. Under the leadership of Mitja Bolčič in 1991 the company started producing massive furniture known for its innovative shapes. Pohištvo Bolčič uses strictly autochthonous European tree species, for the company believes that using wood that grows in our vicinity is the healthiest and most rational choice. Original pieces of furniture are created in cooperation with acknowledged domestic and foreign interior designers who see Bolčič as a precise, consistent and professional partner with rich trading experience.

The third generation carries on the tradition of the company`s founder, a travelling joiner who furnished homes all around Istra with bedrooms made of walnut root. In the sixties joiners produced kitchens made out of ultrapas – the representative of Bolčič’s second generation, Nikolaj Bolčič made good use of their popularity. Later on he developed period furniture and mirror frames with which he conquered the former Yugoslav market. Every respectable hotel in Yugoslavia decorated its protocol room with Bolčič’s mirror frames. Today many of Studio Bolčič`s awarded products can be seen in public and private buildings all across Central Europe.

Pohištvo Bolčič is known for its innovative design that appears light and airy even though it is made of massive wood. With Bolčič’s furniture your home will gain on permanent value.