Massive furniture for contemporary interiors


Furniture made of massive wood for modern interiors.

Pohištvo Bolčič is known for its innovative design that makes massive wood appear light and airy. Bolčič’s products will bring everlasting value into your home.

Our products include modern as well as period furniture and are reaping awards at fairs on regular basis. In cooperation with acknowledged designers we develop stylish and differently shaped products which will enthuse expert as well as the general public. Each piece of furniture made for dining rooms, bedrooms, living rooms or offices can be custom-made. Adaptability, a three-generation tradition, modern technology, experienced workers and a good feeling for what the customers need are the guarantee that Bolčič’s furniture will enthuse you as well.

Permanent value (products with rising value)


With Bolčič’s furniture your home will gain on value. Even when captured in a table, chair, wardrobe, cupboard, bed or a drawer the wood remains alive. Wooden furniture has its own soul and charm. There is no such material that would be kinder, more domesticated and pleasant than wood. Massive furniture will bring nature’s basic beauty into your home. 

Pohištvo Bolčič expresses our love towards wood. We shape pieces of wood and turn them into innovative and daring products. Even the wood itself must feel that it is being treated with love and respect. The original details and relief patterns kept in the royal structure of the wood give Bolčič`s furniture a special touch. With Bolčič’s furniture you will gain eternal and aesthetic value, because every piece of furniture made by Bolčič is a unique work of art created by nature itself. 

We are creating harmony and enthusing our customers


Do you need an A to Z consulting or just a contractor to turn your ideas into reality? Pohištvo Bolčič has a solution for everyone. You deserve the best, so choose the best!

You know exactly what your dining room, living room, bedroom, hall or office should look like, but you do not have a reliable contractor who would turn your ideas into reality or do you just want a nice, unique and functional apartment, but are clueless when it comes to buying and picking out furniture?

You will be surprised by the revolutionary and perfect ideas of our consultants and production of custom-made massive furniture. Make your dreams a reality and fill your home with furniture that suits your taste and lifestyle. We will bring harmony into your home and life quickly, without complications and unnecessary travelling or other expenses.

Live well, choose only the best

The table Privid (Phantom) – TOP 10 award, fair Ambient 2011

A product that attracts attention: the massive walnut table made by designer Toni Kancilja and Bolčič’s skilled joiners is like a phantom. It creates a unique illusion by extending the angles from one surface to another. You will feel the urge to see and touch the details of this hand-made product. The table Privid was named one of ten most interesting artefacts exhibited at the fair Ambienti 2011 and therefore received a TOP TEN award.

Bring into your home the astonishing shapes created by nature itself

The Istra composition – TOP OF THE TOP 2011 award

The Istra composition (drawers and lockers) made of massive cherry-tree and walnut-tree wood is a composition of thirteen separate pieces that create multiple combinations. The designer Toni Kancilja found the inspiration for this product in an Istrian stone wall that separates and creates new spaces.  The horizontally placed elements can form numerous combinations without limits. The sequence of the used elements is not determined, therefore the buyer has unlimited possibilities regarding construction and usage. It is a living mosaic and an unrepeatable creation. The Istra composition received the TOP OF THE TOP award as the most innovative product of at the Ambienti 2011 fair.